What to expect in a Psychological Counselling Session?

A Psychological Counselling Session is a safe and confidential environment where you can discuss your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and concerns with a trained mental health professional.

The Setting
All sessions typically take place in a private and comfortable meeting / therapy room or online via Zoom, or if you prefer via telephone. Each session usually lasts 60 minutes for individual sessions, or 90 minutes for couple, family or group sessions.


Initial Session

Assessment: The first session often involves an assessment where the I gather information about your background, current situation or conditions, and the issues you wish to address.

Goals: Together, you and me will set counselling goals for what you hope to achieve through psychological counselling.


Subsequent Sessions

Discussion: Regular sessions involve open discussions about your feelings, thoughts, behaviors and concerns.

Techniques: I am trained in various counselling modalities and adopt an integrative approach tailored to your unique conditions and situations.

Tasks: You might be given assignments, exercises or activities to do between sessions to reinforce what was discussed.


My Role as a Psychological Counsellor:

Supportive Listener: I listen without judgmental comments and provide a supportive environment.

Guidance: I offer interpretations and insights to help you understand, cope and manage your concerns.

Confidentiality: Everything shared in the session remains confidential. In certain exceptional situations, confidentiality may need to be breached in your best interest.

Your Role as a Client:

Honesty: Being open and honest about your feelings and experiences helps me assist you reflectively and effectively. However, you choose how much you would like to share with me.

Engagement: Actively participating in the sessions and completing any assigned tasks enhances the effectiveness of the counselling process.