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Embracing Diversity: LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

The Wellness Hood Podcast

In this episode, Krish elaborates on the spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community, highlighting the significance of understanding and acceptance. We will delve into the impact of stigma and discrimination on the well-being of the LGBTQ+ community and discuss the importance of psycho-education. Listen Now


How Love Can Flourish in the Workplace and the Nature of Romance with Krish Phua

Impactful Coaching Podcast (YouTube Video)

Workplace Romances are a normal occurrence, so while there are drawbacks there can also be major opportunities.


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Love Lasts Longer: Sex And Intimacy Coaches On Seniors, Sexuality & Companionship

Interview by SilverStreak (online lifestyle media platform)

There is no expiration date for sexual intimacy. Silvers can continue to do the deed, just as long as they’re willing to – but therein lies the rub. Read more