Light a Light

Mental Wellness is an essential part of our overall being, yet it can often be challenging to take the first step to seeking help.

That is why at Inside Mind Insights (IMI), I strive to make this process as easy and comfortable as possible, for you to take the next steps toward your mental wellness.

I do so by providing a safe, confidential and supportive environment to help you feel heard, seen, and understood and to providing the highest quality of compassionate and non-judgemental care.

Whatever your need, by engaging a professional therapist, you are taking the first important step on the journey of discovery, recovery, bravery, mastery and glory – for yourself or for your loved ones.

I always believe in “second chance” (or more) in life. Each of us should be given opportunities to repent, relate, rebuild and recover.

My clients are guided to learn their own resources, options and choices on how to conduct self-reflection, reduce the harm, resolve or remove their issues, or even to recognise the challenges with a new interpretation.

My greatest aspiration is to be a mind healer, facilitating my clients to cultivate and explore “Inside Mind Insights” for improving their Wellness, Wholeness and Wiseness.

The ultimate goal for my clients is always for them to be their own counsellors for the similar stressors and struggles they may have in future, when my full therapy service is over.

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Yours Truly,

Krish Phua
Registered Counsellor, Psychotherapist
and certified Clinical Supervisor